TikToker has baffled users and opened their eyes to the “correct” method to use Lighter

The way in which you use your lighter has probably never crossed your mind – after all, it is just a basic household staple that is used on a daily basis.

However, one TikToker has baffled users and opened their eyes to the “correct” method – and it turns out most of us have been using a lighter wrong this entire time.

In a clip that has been viewed over 3.7 million times, TikToker, @sidneyraz said: “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my thirties – how to use a lighter!”

“When lighting something from below, don’t light it this way and go down…

“Instead, turn the lighter around, light it that way and then go down”, he explained. He demonstrated his method by twisting his hand and tilting the lighter. The flame subsequently moved away from his hand and fingers, opposed to towards them.

“Righties face the lighter to the right, lefties face the lighter to the left”, the man added. “Greatly reduce your risk of boo boo owies.”

Hundreds of shocked people headed over to the comments to praise his “correct” method. Most were baffled as to why this method had never crossed their minds.

“So I’ve been spending the last 10 years buying long lighters for casual use for NOTHING”, one commented, while another said: “Nice, I’m 39 and JUST LEARNED THIS TODAY. Thanks!”

Other TikTok users, however, appeared to have known about the “correct” method for years.

One said, “I thought this was common sense?”

While another suggested that the video was aimed at non-smokers, “This video must be for people who’ve never smoked before because I’m sure all of the stoners and cig smokers are laughing at you right now”, they said.

Mind blown!


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