TikToker has gone viral after she revealed the worst first date she’s been on, and it’s pretty bizarre

As first dates go, plenty of us will have some horror stories to tell – but one TikToker has gone viral after she revealed the worst first date she’s been on, and it’s pretty bizarre.

Elyse Myers (@elysemyers) explained how before she met “her smoke show of a husband”, she was on dating apps when a random guy messaged her “out of the blue.”

The guy was pretty direct and wrote: “I like your face, let’s go get some food,” Elyse then says: “Um, I love food, are you my soul mate?”

In response, the guy tells her to meet him at his house, and he will drive them both to the restaurant together – red flag emojis then appear on screen to indicate this is not a good sign.

“Why didn’t we just meet there? I have no idea,” Elyse says, so she drives 45 minutes to his house and finds the guy standing outside and then walks up to her car and says he’s lost his keys and if Elyse could drive instead.

Obviously, this is strange so another load of red flags pop up on-screen along with a red cross.

“Should I have just left him there and gone home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not,” she admits.

Her date then gets in her car and directs the TikToker where to drive.

Elyse adds: “He could’ve been leading me to an abandoned warehouse and I still would’ve been like ‘Left at this stop? Okay…”

Eventually there make it to a Taco Bell where her date instructs her to go to the drive-thru, when they get to the speaker, the guy leans over Elyse and says: “I would like 100 hardshell tacos, thank you.”

Yes, you read correctly, 100 tacos.

Elyse stares at the camera, sharing the disbelief we’re all feeling.

She then explains how when they get to the payment window “he does one of these numbers” where he pats himself down look for a wallet that’s not there – so Elyse ends footing the $149 bill for the 100 tacos.

They then drive back to the guy’s house, and Elyse says: “Okay, this is happening. I’m committed to this now, it’s happening.”

When they get to his house, the guy’s dad is on the couch – yet another red flag – as Elyse tells herself “It’s fine.”

She says: “The hoops I am teleporting through to convince myself that this decision I have made is okay is just WILD.”

They enter the kitchen, where the guy empties the boxes of tacos onto the table, sits down and “screams at the top of his lungs ‘LET’S FEAST!’”

Elyse then calmly unwraps a taco to eat, both she and the guy are eating in “complete silence” and describes it as “absolute chaos.”

The dad then grabs a taco for himself and eats standing over the two of them – another red flag appears – and the dad asks Elyse: “Do you want to see my studio?”

“And I was like ‘I never wanted to see anything less in my entire life,’” she explained. “It was that moment that I decided this date was completely over or else I was going to be killed, 100 per cent.”

Not wanting to leave the food she paid for, the TikToker grabs them and walks out with “boxes out tacos in my purse,” she looks back and tells the guy: “Thank you for this experience, you will never see or hear from me again.”

Since sharing her worst first date story, Elyse’s video has received over 10.4m views and 1.8m likes on the platform, along with tens of thousands of comments from people sharing their amusement at the date.

One person wrote: “Plot Twist: He mistook the dating app for UberEats, and was too embarrassed to say anything.”

“Your story-telling is so captivating,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Umm do you by any chance live in California? If yes – I also think I was tricked into a similar “date”. If no – 2 people think this is a good date idea.”

To which Elysse replied: “HE LIVED IN DANA POINT [a city in California].”

“ok as @Tinder I’ve heard A LOT of bad dating stories but as of 10/7/2021 this one is top 10,” Tinder’s official TikTok account replied.

At least Elyse got to keep the tacos and has an interesting story to tell…


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