TikToker shares best way to flip a grilled cheese sandwich

A woman named Donna shared the video on TikTok after her husband suggested the idea, and soon people were blown away by the simple trick – saying they’d be using it too

A woman has shared a frying pan hack that will completely change the way you cook – and soon you’ll be flipping pancakes like a pro.

TikTok star Donna, @donnabonnana, shared the ‘game changing’ technique after her husband suggested the idea, saying that people might benefit from the advice.

In the video, Donna can be seen frying a cheese sandwich, and then she puts a spatula on top and twists the pan – transferring the weight to the handheld tool.

Then she lifts the frying pan clear of the sandwich, which is now sat on the spatula, before transferring it back into the pan to cook the opposite side.

Uploading the clip to TikTok, Donna captioned the video: “My husband was excited, he said you should do one of those, ‘I was today years old…’ videos and show them how I flip my grilled cheese sandwiches.”

The video soon went viral and now it has over four million views, alongside 434,000 likes and more than 8,000 comments.

One user said: “That’s how you flip?”

And another added: “Is that how Americans make cheese toasties?”

“Great idea”, wrote a third user. “But what about all the crumbs that will make a mess all over the stove?”

A fourth viewer simply wrote: “Total game changer.”

In other news, a doctor has shared a simple trick known as the ’10-3-2-1′ method that will help you get the perfect night’s sleep.

Dr Karan Raj, @dr.karanr, is well known on TikTok for his entertaining videos that are full of health advice, and now he’s turned his sights on a topic that affects many of us.

Laying awake at night unable to sleep is a common problem, but Dr Raj says it doesn’t need to be – as all you need to do is follow his ’10-3-2-1′ trick.

By simply cutting out different things at certain times of the day, your body will naturally wind down so that when you go to bed you’ll be able to drop off quickly, and stay soundly asleep.


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