TikToker Shares What It’s Like Inside Alabama Sorority Mansion — Video

  • The Bama Rush TikTok trend has sparked curiosity about Greek life on college campuses.
  • Audrey Burch is posting videos of her luxe sorority mansion she shares with over 50 other sisters. 
  • The house has fancy coffee machines, breakfast carts, a private balcony, and community showers.  

As Bama Rush TikTok continues to trend, more people are posting videos about sorority life at The University of Alabama.

On Saturday, TikToker Audrey Burch (@audrey2801) took people inside the massive sorority mansion she shares with over 50 other women. At the time of writing, the video has 2.2 million views. 

Burch took viewers through the sorority mansion, which has a breakfast bar, luxurious coffee, and a hefty supply of snacks

In her first video in the series, Burch showed the mansion’s spacious kitchen, spotlighting the fancy coffee selection and multiple beverage machines. One machine shown, which appears to be from the Necta brand, has a touch screen for ordering drinks.

A pan of the breakfast bar, which is downstairs in the house, shows different fruit options, sausages, and mini cinnamon rolls. A peek inside one of the kitchen drawers reveals “lots of snacks,” like bags of chips and candy bars. 

She also showed the house’s “super nice” community showers that have benches and hooks.

In the second video, she showed off the study rooms and deluxe balcony that’s reserved for in-house sorority members


The second video, posted on Sunday, opens with a shot of the laundry facilities, which are outfitted with several washers and dryers.

Burch also shared a study room that’s stocked with school supplies and a massive shelving unit where the girls keep their shower caddies. 

The mansion also has a large balcony that’s reserved for in-house members and has tables, chairs, and a view of the other houses in sorority row. 

It’s not uncommon for sorority houses in Alabama to be pretty grand

As TikToker Christy Sasso (@christysasso) — who spoke about managing “millions of dollars” for her sorority at 19 years old — previously pointed out, a lot of sorority dues go toward food and amenity-laden housing. This is why dues can sometimes be thousands of dollars per semester. 

For context, other houses in the University of Alabama’s sorority row include the $13 million Phi Mu house, which features a vintage chandelier from The Waldorf Astoria New York hotel and a grand piano in the foyer, according to a 2019 AL.com report. 

The Alpha Phi house, which sleeps about 73 people, has wraparound porches on two floors and both indoor and outdoor televisions, according to a 2018 report from Cosmopolitan.

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