TikToker who resembles “Mr Bean’s daughter” goes viral with make-up transformations

A TikToker who jokes that she resembles legendary comedy character, Mr. Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson, has gone viral on the app. Fabiola Baglieri, who has 4.5 million followers, is well known for her makeup transformations.

The TikTok features Baglieri joking that she resembles the character and asks “imagine being Mr. Bean’s daughter… what a nightmare.”

Posted on September 1, the video already has more than a million views in just 15 hours. Some people seem to think the video’s caption was genuine, telling Baglieri that Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr. Bean, has a daughter named Lily Sastry.

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@fabiola.baglieriI gotcha 😉

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Baglieri often posts videos of her more natural look saying she looks like the character before transforming into a full makeup look. In her profile, Baglieri jokes she goes “from Mr. Bean to Kendall Jenner.”

Mr. Bean is a character from a British sitcom that went onto receive worldwide popularity for its limited use of English and universal humor. The show led to two spin-off films that performed well at the box office and an animated TV series.

The show often features Bean, who has been described as a child trapped in a man’s body, going about his day in various scenarios.

Baglieri’s created TikToks mimicking classic movies where the unpopular girl goes through a transformation, spoken about her insecurities with the way she looks, and lip-sync videos to various trends.

Baglieri has 4.5 million followers on TikTok, and over 130 million likes on videos. At only 18 years old, she blew up on the platform with her videos often getting more than a million views.

Fans often leave supportive comments below Baglieri’s videos telling her that she’s beautiful makeup-free, and while wearing makeup.

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@fabiola.baglieriyour loss 💔

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One video, where she pretends a boyfriend is breaking up with her because she resembled Mr. Bean, went particularly viral, with over 48 million views. Below the video, fans left comments saying “you’re beautiful in general” and that she “killed this.”

TikTok transformations are certainly a thing on the social media platform with some users often going viral for looking like celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie.


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