TikTokers Are Eating Lemon Rinds to Get High, I Tried It, It Was Gross

I did not feel an effect after about half a lemon’s worth of peels

I was not excited to eat more lemon peels.

Andrea Michelson

I went out and bought another lemon a week later, determined to try again. This time, I nibbled on almost half a lemon’s worth of peels over a couple hours.

I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary right away, but the aftertaste was more pleasant than I remembered. After getting past the initial pucker, my mouth tasted like a cool lemon Ricola cough drop.

About an hour after giving up on the lemon, I found myself smiling a little more than usual. Was it euphoria?

I felt particularly excited, if not euphoric, as I packed for a trip and planned for the weekend ahead. But I can’t say that was the lemon talking.

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