TikToker’s Boyfriend Proposes with a Blooming Onion

Nothing says romance like a fried, blooming onion. After a TikToker posted a video where her boyfriend appeared to propose to her by revealing a ring on a blooming onion, people online were jealous of the gesture.

“Wow, how does it feel to have the dream proposal?” one user commented.

Allie, or @www.allie.com on TikTok, posted the video Tuesday, which garnered more than 900,000 views. The video starts out with the two of them at a restaurant. Allie’s boyfriend asks her to take a piece from the other side of the blooming onion, a fried onion dish that resembles flowering petals. The boyfriend turns the plate around to reveal a diamond ring resting on one of the onion petals. 

“Will you?” the boyfriend says, as Allie says, “What?”

The comment section is full of comments with puns saying it’s an “onion ring” and that if she didn’t say yes, they would.

“It’s the way he looked at you at the end for me,” one user commented. 

However, to the disappointment of many, the video appears to have been filmed after the boyfriend already proposed. In a previous video, the couple joke about where Allie should wear her ring, option one being on her toe.

“Which is the correct placement?” the video caption reads. “Only accepting #1 tbh.”

In the comment section of the video, Allie writes that the video was made for five of her actual friends.

“Someone already said I’m gross for putting my toe ring on a bloomin’ onion,” her comment says.

But people said they love weird couples and wish them congratulations on their engagement, whether or not the onion proposal is real. 

“If he doesn’t pop the question with a blooming onion, is he really the one?” one user commented.

User @www.allie.com did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Sep 1, 2021, 6:52 pm CDT

Jennifer Xia

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Jennifer Xia

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