TikTokers Call Out Viral ‘Stealthing’ Audio Clip; Say It Shows How Normalized Rape Culture Is

This article contains content about sexual assault and rape.

TikTokers are calling out a popular audio clip on the platform about stealthing and saying the sound promotes rape. A video criticizing the audio clip has gone viral with more than 930,000 views.

In the video, TikToker @mxkanteven appears to be pondering. His caption reads, “This audio isn’t funny, it’s a literal form of rape called stealthing. The fact that it’s a viral audio with over [11,000] uses shows you how normalized rape culture is.”

The audio links to an original sound by TikToker @tamiaknight3, who first posted a video using the audio clip in August 2020. In the video, made to look like a Facetime call, Tamia sits in bed and addresses a male partner.

“Did you pull out in time?” Tamia says.

“Yeah I pulled out,” a male says before adding under his breath, “After I nutted.”

Tamia shoots to an upright position. ”What’d you say?” she says in shock as the video ends.

The sound, which implies that the male partner ejaculated without his female partner’s consent, has since been used more than 12,000 times.

Many of the commenters seemed appreciative of @mxkanteven’s sentiments.

A TikToker wrote, “[T]hanks for giving us safe spaceeee” followed by a heart emoji.

Another user commented, “It really isn’t funny at all. If two people consent under certain agreements and that agreement is willingly broken by one of the people without informing the other person, the consent is automatically revoked and it becomes rape. There is no excuse.”

This video hit home for one TikToker. “[I]t happened to me & he gave me an incurable STI. [S]o incredibly evil & I will never get over it.”

“If you try to diminish or call it a joke, phy-uck you,” says @mxkanteven.


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