TikToker’s Husband Seemingly Films Woman in Bikini in Viral TikTok

A woman says she recently returned from a Florida vacation to realize that her husband was checking out a woman in a bikini behind her, in a video he ostensibly took of her. She posted the video in question to TikTok.

The video comes courtesy of TikToker @thicctok5280, who shared the clip of her Florida vacation to the delight and horror of many. In just two days, the video’s racked up more than 2.8 million views.

It starts off with the Denver-based TikToker (hence the 5280 in her user name) using the auto-narration feature to relay the opening caption, “I was watching my husband’s video from our Florida trip last week.”

Then, with Bazzi’s “Paradise” playing in the background, it shows the TikToker walking toward her husband underneath a large pier.

The next caption reads, “Let me get closer, so you can see me,” as the TikToker approaches. Then, as she stops, the next caption reads, “I love Florida.”

She then leans against one of the pier’s posts, and the caption reads: “I figured I’d give him a few poses,” followed closely by one that notes, “Thinking I was the main character the whole time.”

Behind the TikToker, out in the water, a woman in a bikini is visible in the video. The TikToker walks out of the frame, and then the video drifts briefly to a group of people to the right of where she was standing—then pans back over to the woman in the bikini, with a closing caption that reads: “Until I saw who he was really recording.”

A number of people jumped into the comments to sympathize with the TikToker. One wrote, “This hurt my feelings and it’s not even about me.”

Another observed, “I’m fine with my other half ‘looking’ but documenting will break my heart.”

That led someone to agree about documenting being a bridge too far, adding, “It’s weird because he could have just looked and it would have been fine.”

“Girl,” another respondent chimed in, “I’m mad at my husband now and he didn’t even do anything.”

Not everyone found fault with the videographer husband, though. One observer challenged her premise, asking, “Was he really recording her? It was YOU YOU YOU and then two seconds of her. C’mon now.”

The TikToker simply replied, in response, “Yes.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikToker for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 28, 2021, 12:43 pm CDT

Phil West

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Phil West


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