Tiktoker’s leech experiment amuses netizens

With some of the travel restrictions lifted, everyone was out in droves over the weekend. Other than heading to the shopping malls, some have decided to appreciate nature and went for a picnic, camping with the family and even hiking.

Recently, an amusing video showing a group of guys who went for a hike in the jungle caught lots of attention.

Somehow during their hike, they came across a pacat (leech) and they decided to carry out an experiment. Based on the video, they were trying to determine how a leech detects its food source aka our delicious human blood.

While it was amusing to see the leech change its ‘warpath’ whenever the guy in the video lifted his foot, the first video didn’t give an exact conclusion.

However, the second video showed how sneaky leeches can be especially when they’re out for food.

@aminemofficialReply to @hazenysa191 dah bagi tokak dah ni. Dah cuci dengan air pun dok nampak darah lagi. Hampir pengsan la sebab tengok darah.

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In the second video, one of their friends rolled up his long pants to show the hidden bite marks. On one of his leg, a fat black leech could be seen in the midst of a feast.

There was another bite mark in between his toes when he unrolled his sock to check. It’s safe to say that we should never underestimate leeches.

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Netizens have a lot to say about the videos too.

“Hungry la woiii,” a user wrote with laughing emojis.

“Don’t bully it [the leech],” another Tiktok user commented.

Another user offered an explanation for the first video, “It [the leech] sense body heat, not the scent of blood.”

This statement was countered by another comment below it which stated, “It [the leech] detects body heat using vibrations, not blood.”

“Weyy if I see this leech, I’ll scream down the whole house,” another Tiktok user added.

“I won’t be like this [calm]. I’ll scream and cry straightaway,” a Tiktok user wrote.

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