TikTokers slammed for pretending to get arrested in bizarre new trend

TikToker influencers who have been taking part in the POV: You’re Getting Arrested trend are getting roasted for attempting to glamourise police brutality and getting taken to jail.

The latest bizarre new TikTok trend sees people pretending to struggle against a cop before being pinned to the wall. Towards the end of the video, they usually strike their best blue steel pose to the camera.

Some TikTokers even have blue and red lights flashing in the background. The production value? Goog. The acting? Not so good.

One of the most viewed POV: You’re Getting Arrested videos was posted by Gage.Bills who cosplays as JJ from Outer Banks. His nine-second clip has almost 22 million views and over 3 million likes.

TikTok user @rynnstar’s comment reading “this was my last straw” received over 34,000 likes.

Another commenter said: “My 13th reason.”

Other big creators such as @ricklimatv, who has almost seven million followers, also jumped on the trend. His video garnered an astonishing 50 million views.

The top comment on his TikTok is: “Bruh I could not hold my laugh in.”

Others suggested it’s time for the trend to come to an end, while another remarked “my therapist is gonna hear about this.” [sic]

One commenter summed up what we’re all thinking: “Why do people keep making this, what went through your mind while making this”. [sic]

The videos have also been criticised for glamourising police brutality.

Hundreds of parodies and stitches have been made poking fun at the trend.

Here are some of our favourites:

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