TikToks Capture Moment 550-Foot Ferris Wheel Got Stuck In The Air

Now-viral TikToks captured the moment some passengers were stranded at the top of the world’s highest ferris wheel.

According to local media, the High Roller on the Las Vegas Strip stopped working on Sept. 18, stranding about 150 people for roughly an hour and a half. Passengers were suspended 550 feet in the air while engineers worked to safely disembark them.

Some people on the ride documented the terrifying incident via TikTok, racking up millions of views.

User @mrs.christen said that she “spent all day” convincing her husband to go on the ride. When they got stranded, she noted, “all they would tell us is that they were working on it.”

Another user, @esmyyyyyy shared footage of passengers laying on the floor with their feet pressed against the glass windows as the pod tilts. “Scariest moment ever,” a narrator said over her footage on the ferris wheel.

In a second video, @esmyyyyyy said that everyone “thought we were going to die.”

And a third video of the incident, captured by user @pinedaivan17, shows a man hanging onto a rail “for dear life” to stop himself from dropping to the other side of the tilted pod.

Folks in the tilted pod noted that the vessel was not supposed to tilt. The rest of the pods, such as the one @mrs.christen was in, were allegedly stuck in a straight position.

The ferris wheel wasn’t completely unloaded until after 2 am, according to reports. The malfunction was due to “a network connectivity issue involving one of the cabins,” which caused the ride to stop rotating, the ride’s owner Caesars Entertainment told KTNV.

Engineers were able to resolve the issue and nobody was injured, the company said. Passengers also received refunds.

The Daily Dot reached out [email protected] [email protected] via TikTok comment and @esmyyyyyy via Instagram DM.


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