Tim McGraw’s Daughter Is Officially A Music Video Star, See The Video Here

Tim McGraw has a new music video coming out and it turned into quite a family affair. McGraw’s latest song, “7500OBO,” will feature McGraw and Faith Hill’s youngest daughter, Audrey, in the video, and clearly, the country music crooner couldn’t be prouder of his 19-year-old. It’s Audrey’s career as a model that led to her casting in the music video and from what we’ve seen, she’s got a bright career ahead of her as an actress if she so chooses.

Tim McGraw Teams Up With Youngest Daughter In Latest Video

Despite the fact that he boasts one of the most long-lived and successful careers in the country music industry, Tim McGraw thinks that working with his youngest child Audrey has been one “of the coolest things” he’s ever done. In a video he posted to his Instagram page, Tim explained some of the behind-the-scenes decisions that ultimately led to Audrey starring in the video. “I have done a lot of videos in my career, but this is pretty cool,” Tim began.

Instead of basing the video for the song, which is about a pickup truck, around a man’s relationship with his car, they decided to make it a story “about a teenage girl and her truck.” Tim went on to explain, “When the treatment came in, they really wanted my youngest daughter, Audrey who’s 19, cause they had seen some photos of Audrey cause she does some modeling and stuff.”


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Of course, Tim had to run the idea up the chain of command first. “First of all, I asked the boss, my wife. And then I asked Audrey after Faith approved,” Tim recalled, only slightly joking. After getting approval from two of the main ladies in his life, Tim and his team were able to move forward with the video.

See Audrey McGraw In The Full Video Here:

“That was one of the coolest things I’d done is work with her in the video and just watch her perform and watch her act,” he continued, before adding, somewhat emotionally, “My girls are the light of my life. They’re the sweetest things in the world and I was just so proud of her.” In the caption, Tim continued singing his daughters’ praises, writing, “So proud of all our girls. Was real special to work together on this one.” Tim McGraw is quite the doting father, and it’s easy to see why when you look at how outrageously talented, sweet, and amazing his three girls are.

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