Tim Tebow’s Future With The NFL Is Finally Clear

With stiff competition and a series of mistakes on the field, Tim Tebow would’ve had a hard time making the final roster of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the regular season, so head coach Urban Meyer decided that he’d be better off as a free agent. Meyer announced the cut on August 17 in a Q&A with reporters, per CBS Sports.

“It’s tough,” Meyer told reporters, via Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. “We knew that was an uphill battle for Tim. Players loved him. The locker room loved him. But it was the right thing.” Meyer also said that this might be the last time Tebow plays in the NFL. 

Upon receiving the news, Tebow was gracious and appreciative for the opportunity in a statement on Twitter. “Thankful for the highs and even the lows, the opportunities, and the setbacks. I’ve never wanted to make decisions out of fear of failure and I’m grateful for the chance to have pursued a dream,” he wrote the same day. “Thank you to the Jaguars organization and everyone who has supported me in this journey. And we know that…God works all things together for good.” Here’s hoping the next chapter is a positive one for Tebow.

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