Timeline of Hayley Paige and JLM Couture Controversy

Gutman announced she filed an official response to JLM’s lawsuit on January 12.

Gutman legally responded to JLM’s lawsuit.


In the filing, which Insider was able to review, Gutman asserts that the @misshayleypaige account was always her personal account, providing years-worth of screenshots as evidence.

In her own declaration that was filed with the response, Gutman stated that she started two social media accounts — a Facebook page in 2004 and a Twitter account in 2009 — with the @misshayleypaige handle before she started working with JLM. She also pointed out that her first six Instagram posts were personal in nature.

The response notes that the @misshayleypaige account was verified as a “public figure” account in 2017, making it an account for a person rather than a company, though the page has since been changed to be verified as a “clothing brand.”

The filing goes on to provide declarations from JLM employees who viewed the account as Gutman’s personal page, as well as emails from employees that refer to the @misshayleypaige account as Gutman’s page. The documents also include an excerpt of an email from Murphy regarding his view of the company’s ownership of the Hayley Paige name.

“As far as [your] personal investment (regarding JLM) it really is only related to Hayley Paige wedding gowns and related categories,” Murphy wrote to Gutman via email in 2019. “Rest assured, I do not claim access to your persona beyond what I describe above.”

In addition, the motion claims that the followers of the @misshayleypaige Instagram account noticed when JLM took over posting to the page for Gutman and commented messages supporting Gutman, indicating the page is not the same without her personal voice. The comments on the @misshayleypaige account have since been disabled.

In a statement provided to Insider, Gutman said, “I have always taken my contractual obligations seriously, and lived up to every one of them, but for JLM that was not enough.”

“Today’s response is my first opportunity to describe to the Court the misrepresentations and false claims that JLM Couture made in their emergency filing,” she added. “I believe that upon review of all of the facts, justice will be done.”

Gutman shared the news of the response with her followers in an Instagram video on Tuesday, and she even added a link to the lawsuit to the bio of the @allthatglittersonthegram Instagram page, allowing her followers to look at the document.

“I want you to take this journey along with me, and I have always valued transparency,” she said of why she added the link. 

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