Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya’s intense staring has become a hilarious meme

The young and ridiculously good-looking Hollywood duo Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya have unknowingly become a hilarious meme thanks to a new promotional shoot for their forthcoming sci-fi epic <em>Dune</em>.

As the hype for the eagerly anticipated film from Denis Villeneuve builds, Entertainment Weekly have published digital videos covers for their latest issue, however, the cover featuring Chalamet and Zendaya has left many people feeling a bit intimated.

The 15-second clip does a 360 pan around the actors who are intensely staring at the camera the entire time with an almost smouldering “too cool for school” look.

“What are they going to do us? Why can’t they take their eyes off us? Are they judging is? Please leave us alone?”

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That pretty much sums up the sentiments of the reactions to this video which has quickly been adopted as a viral meme because how else are we supposed to live with Chalamet and Zendaya’s judgement?

Maybe the intense interest in you has another, more seductive reason behind it.

Anyway, we’re sure Zendaya and Chalamet are very nice people and we can enjoy their intense gazes on the big screen when Dune hits cinemas on 21st October.


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