TimTheTatman spectates his way into Warzone hacker lobby and he can’t believe it

Making his return to Warzone after a week of playing Apex Legends, Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has spent a lot of his time solo-spectating lobbies – with no lack of entertaining moments. 

During TimTheTatman’s August 17 stream, the creator was asked by a viewer in chat: “Would you rather spectate a bot lobby or a hacker lobby?” in which Tim said he would like to spectate a hacker lobby.

Much to the community’s entertainment, the next game they chose to spectate was, in fact, a hacker lobby.

How they managed to get into a lobby full of cheaters, though, will quickly come to light.

TimTheTatman solo-spectates a hacker lobby

Following the same trend as his August 16 stream, TimTheTatman spent some time doing what he calls “Solo-Spectating”.

This is when a streamer spawns into a random lobby and immediately dies, whether it be by enemy or failure to deploy his parachute, to watch along.

Twitter, @TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman is one of Twitch’s more popular streamers.

This round of solo-spectating leaves Tim in an interesting lobby. After dying, the streamer spectates a player that then gets shot mid-air and immediately comments: “That guy was cheating.”

Warzone then proceeds to switch the spectating camera over a player that’s very suspect, while TimTheTatman questions chat: “This is a hacker lobby. Am I in a hacker lobby right now?”

After asking his chat that question, the cheater who he was spectating signals “yes” to the stream by shaking his camera up and down.

“Wait, how do you know I’m in a hacker lobby? I’m in a hacker lobby?” Tim asks, in which the player signals yes again.

The hackers actually stream sniped him in a way that allowed them to be placed into his lobby, instead of the streamer being shadowbanned and placed into a hacker lobby by the game.

A bad case of the stream snipers

TimTheTatman continues on spectating a player by the name of “elp0wp0w,” who has been responding to the streamer’s questions, proving that he is watching Tim’s stream live.

The streamer calls for “el” to get his attention, in which he responds that he can hear him with a vertical camera shake signaling, “Yes”.

Tim asks the stream sniping hacker if the player he killed earlier was “Full of sh**,” in which the player continues to signal “Yes” answers as Tim continues to explain how he knew he was cheating.

“Alright, stop, stop! You’re gonna make me throw up!” Tim interrupts his own sentence right before the player sprays a heart on the wall, signaling an apology.

This isn’t the first time Timmy has had stream snipers interact with him on his stream, and odds are, it’s not going to be the last.

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