Tiny German shepherd pup slowly grows into her ears in impossibly cute video

Nova may have started out with small inconspicuous ears, but now they are fully grown and unmistakable

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German Shepherd puppy’s ears adorably start to appear

Footage of a tiny puppy slowly growing into her ears has been melting hearts on TikTok.

Nova, who is a German shepherd cross border collie puppy, has a rather unique look thanks to her unusual genetics – but she still has the iconic shepherd ears.

The gorgeous dog has patchy white and black fur all over her body, making for an unforgettable and signature style.

In this clip, viewers get to see Nova’s German shepherd ears appear gradually over time, going from tiny to fully grown in a matter of seconds thanks to this time-lapse video.

And it’s absolutely adorable.

Nova’s ears were tiny and inconspicuous at first

By the end of the video, Nova’s ears were fully developed

The video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @talesofnova, was a huge hit on the app, with almost four million views and over 550,000 likes.

At the start of the clip, viewers are shown Nova as a tiny puppy, with small ears to match her stature.

However, as the video plays, her ears gradually become more and more noticeable with each and every clip.

By the end of the video, there is no hiding Nova’s fully developed ears as they stand all by themselves in true German shepherd style.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the unique puppy, with one user commenting: “Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous happy fluff ball! “Beautiful little pup, please give her a treat for me and a little nose boop.”

Another commenter wrote: “Sir, this is not a German shepherd, this is clearly stracciatella ice cream.”

A third added: “Awwww hahaha went from border collie ears to German shepherd ears! AMAZING! Such a beautiful colour as well.”

Nova isn’t the only German shepherd to have gone viral on TikTok of late, with the breed proving popular with users.

Cleo the German shepherd recently attracted attention after she was caught on camera greeting her golden retriever friend in a rather feline manner.

The amusing clip showed Cleo crouching to avoid being spotted by her furry friend, all the while slowly creeping closer and closer.

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Once she got close enough, her friend finally spotted her and the chase was on as both dogs set off running after each other.

Another of the breed to have received attention on the app was Max, whose Whitney Houston impression wowed viewers.

His owner caught his dog vocalising to the chorus of ‘I Will Always Love You’, which is apparently his favourite song, while they cruised the water in a boat together.

The hilarious video showed off Max’s vocal skills as he howled along as soon as he heard the iconic chorus note begin.

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