TLC Reality Star Arrested for DUI

A former TLC star is reportedly in the midst of a serious legal matter. According to ABC 4 News, a Utah-based news affiliate, My Little Life alum Lee Liston was arrested and charged with a DUI. The outlet reported that Liston led police on a chase down on a Utah highway.

Police were originally called to the scene after they received calls about a vehicle driving the wrong way on I-15 South in Orem, Utah. Liston’s vehicle reportedly narrowly avoided collisions with multiple cars during the incident. When officers first arrived on the scene, they were forced to swerve out of the way of Liston’s vehicle in order to avoid a collision. Liston did not stop when officers confronted him at the scene. This led to a chase, which involved three troopers pursuing the former TLC star’s car.

Officers were only able to take control of the situation when they performed a pit maneuver, which led to Liston’s car spinning to a stop. He was reportedly then removed from the vehicle and was “visibly drunk with slurred speech.” While the police did issue a sobriety test to Liston at the scene, they had to stop as his balance was so poor that they feared that he could hurt himself. They also tested his blood alcohol level, which clocked in at .144, almost three times over the legal limit. ABC 4 News reported that this isn’t the first time that Liston has been arrested. He has been charged twice before, once for allegedly failing to respond to an officer’s signal to stop and another for allegedly driving under the influencer of alcohol and/or drugs with injury.

My Little Life only aired one season on TLC. The show, which was a spinoff of Little People, Big World, aired in 2018. It showcased the lives of little people who were dealing with everyday struggles including dating. While the show ran for one season, Little People, Big World has had much more success. The TLC series, which follows the Roloff family, initially premiered in 2006. The show currently features Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff (who have divorced since the premiere), Zach Roloff, his wife Tori Roloff, and their two children. Season 22 of Little People, Big World premiered on TLC in May.

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