TLC ‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: New Season Drama For the Brown Family!

The new season of Sister Wives is coming in November and fans of the show have never been more excited about seeing them. With all of the changes that they have gone through, there could be even more coming their way. Will the wives all stay with Kody Brown or will this be the end of their marriage? There is a lot of tension coming our way and we are happy to share some of the news of the show.

‘Sister Wives’: A New Season Begins

On November 21, we will see the Brown family once again and they will continue to share their lives with us. One of the main topics on everyone’s mind is that Christine Brown is really wanting to move back to Utah. Kody Brown will ask her about this and she will walk away from him in tears. In the press release from TLC, it reads, “When he tries to talk Christine out of it, she can’t even have a conversation with him and walks out in tears.”

The family is also battling it out over the fact that they all want to follow their own guidelines for COVID. Kody has set his own rules up and it has been very hard for them all to follow his thoughts. This has really “created tension between Janelle’s family and Kody and Robyn”, according to the press release.

Meri Brown is also dealing with some emotions that came up last year as well. She has already told viewers that her romantic relationship with Kody is over and she is trying to do her best to just manage the drama that comes with being in this family. Isn’t it time that she just leaves the relationship and starts to make herself happy?

We will get to see Kody building on the land at Coyote Pass and we will get to see just what he has in mind for the property. Not only that, we will get to see how the holidays went during a pandemic for the Browns and see if they can keep it together in order to celebrate their special days. Things aren’t looking so good for the Browns and we really do hope that they can make this family work in the time of a pandemic.

When Christine is asked again about the move, she tells cameras, “I don’t want to look at the mountains and remember the angels, how they were singing and I felt this pull. I agreed to move to Flagstaff and I followed Kody here, but it’s been a struggle the whole time. I’m tired of feeling like I don’t matter. I’m tired of not having his support when I really need it. I’m just tired. I need a partnership. I need something different than this.”

Find out what happens with the Browns on Sister Wives on TLC.

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