TLC Star Brings DISTURBING Allegations Against Show Producers

TLC reality series’ are often questioned for being scripted. Return to Amish star Jeremiah Raber admitted some scenes were staged by producers. Additionally, You, Me, And My Ex cast members said their lives are not that exciting. Therefore, they had to bring more drama than they typically had on a daily basis. Yet, when does a series go from being scripted and staged to crossing a line? One TLC star is speaking out. The allegations against the producers are both shocking and frightening.

TLC Thrown Under The Bus

Networks are no strangers to being thrown under the bus. This time, TLC network producers are the subject of some major allegations. They come from a cast member of the hit series Unexpected. It has run for four seasons now and is the 16 and Pregnant of the network. The series revolves around three teenagers getting ready for parenthood. It takes an in-depth look at how this will affect their families and change their lives.


Unexpected Caelan McKayla Youtube

In Teen Mom fashion, some of the moms stayed on for the following seasons so viewers could see how life progressed. As seasons went by, cast members began to move on, one of them being McKayla Adkins. She left at the end of Season 3 and split with her baby day, Caelan. It seemed she had moved on from TLC but a year later, she spoke out on the network.

When another couple left the show, she essentially said, “Lol honestly not surprised if you don’t suck their d*cks they hate you.” McKayla moved on with her life and in May, she married a new man and is expecting her third baby. Though she said she was done with social media, it seems she is not completely done with TLC. The reality star still has a lot to say and she does not care what the ramifications are.

Expect the Unexpected

In a three-minute TikTok diary rant, where McKayla stayed very calm, she shared her truth starting with the producers being evil. She explained how producers allegedly asked the cast very invasive questions, messing with their heads. McKayla pointed out the cast was all minors when this started. Producers wanted to know about their first intimate experiences, where, and who. She was asked to get her lower private area pierced in front of her grandparents then if they knew about genital piercings.

Unexpected tik tok

In the delivery room, she was required to have someone there with her. Furthermore, McKayla claims her children were accidentally seen naked on TV after birth. She demanded it be taken down but they told her she had no say. Moreso, she did not like that there were grown men and women around at all times listening to every word she said. She claims she expressed her concerns and disdain every time she had a problem.

The network, in return, would threaten to sue her or take her money. McKayla spoke up because she is tired of being silent. There is more she would like to say but she was limited on time, reiterating their evilness. Again, these are just allegations. Yet, this is not the first time TLC has faced “uncomfortable” allegations. In 2020, Jacob Roloff claimed he was molested by a LPBW producer for a period of time. The producer served a short sentence.

What do you make of McKayla’s story and will you keep watching Unexpected if and when it returns? Let us know.

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