To Her Dismay A Woman Is Accused for Telling the Truth to Her Sister

One Redditor experienced an emotional bump when she took her teen sister to catch up on their lost time. Everything seemed perfect. But to the Redditor’s dismay, she could barely hold the truth any longer when her stepsister started complaining about their childhood.

According to her sister, the Redditor didn’t take care of her properly when they were young. When they reconnected, she spent a long time poking fun at the Redditor until it got too much. The Reddit woman then revealed the truth about their childhood to her sister, but she later regretted doing it.

In a broken home, older siblings can often act as substitute parents to their brothers and sisters. They end up doing all the work and getting none of the credit, and something similar happened to one Reddit user. She met her sister for a cup of coffee, and their conversation turned into a life-changing discussion.


Sometimes, a majority of the conflict can be traced to a simple misunderstanding. Though some people might be willing to put their ego aside, others tend to let it get in the way. One Redditor had an incident with a sibling and sought advice from the community. In her post, the user said:

“Am I the [expletive] for “outing” how terrible our childhood was? I would have loved for my sister to not be hurt or affected by it, but I couldn’t bare the blame I was getting. Was it selfish? I thought she’d be old enough to [hear] the gist of it.”

As adults, we seldom choose to do something that might hurt people we know. Because of this, we might step back from telling the truth face-to-face, assuming it could embarrass or offend our loved ones. Several people from the online community took the Redditor’s side, saying she was right in telling the truth to her sister.

Sometimes, relationships can become complicated. One Redditor confessed that after his mom passed, his stepdad refused to let him spend time with his stepbrother and told him to “get lost” every time he tried to arrange a visit. In his post, he said:

“I got so mad that he told my brother that I was the one who didn’t wanna be around when that’s all I tried to do. So I told S the truth, the fact that I wanted to be around him and tried visiting, why his dad was always a [expletive] to me and how that’s mainly the reason why he didn’t want me around anymore after mom passed.”

According to Psychology Today, communication is the key to understanding and feeling comfortable with your loved ones. Often, people blame the “lack of communication” for the difficulties in their relationship, with either of the parties bearing the blame for something they haven’t done. And this could’ve easily happened to this Redditor, but he chose to tell the truth.


Telling someone the truth is hard, especially when you know that it’s something they may not be ready to hear. However, it’s important to realize that honesty is the key to any healthy relationship. One Redditor realized this and finally opened up and told his brother the truth about their paternity.

The man believed that his brother deserved to know the truth about their past. The man wrote to The New York Times saying:

“Should I tell my brother outright, or should I inquire if he wants more details about his heritage or simply not bring it up?”.

Several people replied and told him that his mother should’ve informed him and his brother about the artificial insemination. So why was it hard for her to tell her son’s the truth? According to Medium, people bend the truth to protect themselves from emotional reactions and are mostly unsure of how to deal in case they have them.


Sibling rivalries are common in households, especially when the siblings are around the same age group. On Reddit, a teenager opened up about how his brother mistreated him every time his friends were around. He explained that his brother would often lie to his friends about the Redditor. Then one day, he stood up for himself.

As it turned out, the Redditor’s brother spread lies about him to his friends, and they ended up disliking him. One of his brother’s friends then decided to confront the Redditor about something she had heard, and it made him uncomfortable. The user then finally decided to tell the truth about his brother, and it had unexpected consequences. In his post, he explained:

“I told her [his brother’s friend] how it was my brother who was the one that would argue with me, saying, “how dare you to try to steal my time with my friends” even though I’d just be on my phone”.

A few days later, the older brother screamed at the Redditor for telling the truth to his friends after the girl spread the word to the other friends. The gang split up, with half taking each brother’s side. Eventually, the Redditor’s mom accused him of making his brother’s life miserable.


Honesty is the foundation for trust and understanding in a relationship, and trust is vital for a relationship to thrive and function. When you’re constantly honest with someone, it’s a healthy sign that they can trust you and reflect on what you say. In turn, they believe your promises and commitments and know you’re a person of your words.

Telling the truth can hurt, but that shouldn’t stop you from revealing it. When you retain essential truths, you bar yourself from living freely without restraints. You prevent what needs to happen eventually in your life.

By expressing what is genuine for you, you clear the path for someone to come closer to reality. Do you think these people did the right thing in revealing the truth to their dear ones? Your comments are much appreciated! Thanks for reading!


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