Todd Chrisley Fires Back At Nanny Faye, Defends Savannah’s Honor

In a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley steps up to his own mother to defend Savannah’s honor. As can be expected, Nanny Faye doesn’t back down. Keep reading to find out what has this mother/son duo in a tiff.

Why does the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch have to defend Savannah’s honor?

The Chrisleys are known for a lot. One of the things that their fans love about them is that they’re entertaining. Not only that, they are all sassy and feisty. This exchange between Todd and his mom, Nanny Faye is no exception to the Chrisley sass.

The Chrisley USA Instagram post shares the trailer ahead of a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best. In the clip, Todd, Julie, and Nanny Faye are all standing in the kitchen. While Julie and Nanny Faye’s body language seems normal, Todd looks rigid and ready to fight.

Apparently, this all starts because everyone’s favorite grandma needs someone to go bowling with her. Todd suggests having Savannah go with her. However, Nanny Faye isn’t having it. She says, “Well now, Todd, Savannah’s not great at everything.”

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To try to defend her honor, the father of six wants to know what Savannah isn’t good at. To which Nanny just responds bowling. Interestingly enough, Julie kind of chuckles at this statement.

It is no secret that Todd Chrisley is immensely proud of his children. It wasn’t that long ago that he spent nearly a whole episode on his podcast, Chrisley Confessions talking about all of the great things that Savannah has going on in her life.

Todd Chrisley sings his kids’ praises

It is important to note that Todd will dote on any of his children. Fans that listen to Chrisley Confessions know that he’s sung the praises of all of them. Even Lindsie. At one point, the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch was discussing the Georgia Department of Revenue drama and how they looked into Lindise too. Not only that, but someone went on to speculate that Lindsie’s finances are why she didn’t leave her husband. Todd is quick to make mention that his daughter doesn’t need a man. He also recognizes that this situation is likely to make her very mad.

What do you think about Todd Chrisley defending Savannah’s honor? Watch the clip for yourself here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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