Todd Chrisley Shuts Down Julie’s Sexy Banter, Says She’s Not Limber

Todd Chrisley has been craving some alone time with his wife lately. He even told her he wanted to go on a spontaneous trip. She was hesitant to leave the kids. Chrisley has a history of talking about his intimate relationship in front of their kids. This, of course, horrifies their children. What kid wants to know what their parents do in the bedroom? Todd really enjoys making his children uncomfortable and it’s obvious by his smirk.

In a new clip from Chrisley Knows Best when Todd is trying to convince Julie to go do something with him, she has her own ideas. The conversation takes a naughty turn to Savannah Chrisley’s horror as she’s sitting right there with them. Despite her cries of, “oh please, oh God no,” her parents still go there. One fan thought it was hilarious saying, “I love embarrassing my children. They think we’re too old for anything anymore.”

Todd Chrisley Shot Down Julie’s Date Idea

Todd Chrisley is also notorious for sassy comebacks. When Julie tells him she thinks it would be nice to go to an “old school drive-in and watch a movie in the car by ourselves.” One fan agreed with her dating had changed. They said, “that’s right Julie old school date night is the Best! We need to school these young kids on fun dates.”

What gets to Savannah in the clip posted to Instagram is Todd replies with, “I don’t think you’re that limber anymore.” Savannah tells her parents, “I’m right here.” Julie insists it’s just like riding a bicycle and Todd asks Savannah, “how do you think you got here?”

Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley/Youtube

Fans Love The Chrisley’s Relationship

Fans love when Todd Chrisley and Julie start bantering. Their podcast does very well because people are obsessed with their relationship. They compliment each other well. In one moving episode of Chrisley Confessions, they really talked about their marriage. Todd posted on Instagram, “ a situation our friend is going through leads Julie and I to talk about marriage, infidelity, and how God plays a major role in keeping our union intact.” They often talk about the roles they play in their marriage and offer helpful advice to their listeners.

One fan said about her movie suggestion, “Julie, you’re the good one.”  They comment on the Instagram clip about their love for the couple. A fan said, “What a Queen! We definitely need more Julie and Todd moments.” Another said, “Lmao his mind went completely [sic] passed the movie.”

What do you think about Todd’s comment to his wife? When was the last time you went to a drive-in movie? Comment with your thoughts down below. Keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for all things Chrisley.

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