Todd Chrisley Turns Over All Communications From Lindsie To An Attorney

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley were once part of a happy family, but the two are now feuding to the point where they can’t even text each other.

That particular revelation came about from a wide-ranging interview with ET earlier this week. The comments were made as he and wife Julie talked about some of the Chrisley Knows Best stars’ struggles in the last few years.

Chrisley said that they hadn’t sat down with anyone about the issues they discussed. However, they made it clear that ET was the first. At the top of the list of things discussed was how the Chrisley crew dealt with Lindsie’s divorce.

Lindsie announced on social media she was getting a divorce last month. She hasn’t been on the show since 2017, but she still has a strong social media following. Her social media presence has clearly made the Chrisley Knows Best star uncomfortable. That lack of comfort has turned into an actual feud between Todd and Lindsie Chrisley.

“I received a text message from Lindsie about two weeks ago,” Todd said when asked if he has heard from his estranged daughter since the news of her divorce. “I turned that over to our attorneys because we don’t feel that it’s safe to communicate. Every time that I’ve done that, it’s been twisted and turned, and in the position we’re in, we can’t run that risk.”

Todd And Lindsie Chrisley Continue Feud

“I am sad about the situation. I’m sad that my daughter chose to make decisions that she’s made in her life,” Todd continued. “But when you get married, marriage is supposed to be forever, and you’re supposed to commit to each other.”

lindsie chrisley divorce
Lindsie Chrisley/Instagram

Todd and Julie have been fighting over various topics for a while now. The two are under investigation for tax evasion. The couple thinks it was Lindsie that reported they’d committed the crime.

She has denied that. However, she’s made accusations of her own. For example, Lindsie claims Todd once tried to blackmail her.

It’s those back and forth accusations that have continued the rift in the family. It’s also why Todd says he’s always turning over her communications to attorneys.

Love Lost

“She is my daughter, and I love her. There was just some kind of emotional battle that Lindsie has had within herself, and jealousy amongst her siblings,” Todd claimed. “It started with Savannah having way more social media followers, and then [she] wasn’t getting enough time on the show. … Lindsie wasn’t, at that time, willing to allow the cameras into her personal life. She wouldn’t tell the world anything.”

He went on to say there was never any extortion. Instead, he continues to claims Lindsie is the one who has caused harm. For now, it doesn’t appear a reconciliation is in the cards.

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