Tom Cruise Begging Hayley Atwell To Take Him Back After She Dumped Him?

Is “heartsick” Tom Cruise hurting after Hayley Atwell cut their romance off? According to one magazine, Atwell “snipped their blossoming romance in the bud,” and Cruise is now pleading with her to reconsider. Gossip Cop investigates. 

‘Hayley Is Tom’s Mission: Impossible!’

The latest report from the National Enquirer alleges Tom Cruise “has been licking his wounds” after Hayley Atwell abruptly ended their romance. “Hayley’s tried to let Tom down slowly by saying she’s not ready for anything serious and it’s her fault, not his,” an insider leaks. However, Cruise is adamant about winning Atwell back, sources claim, and he’ll do anything to do so. “Tom’s promising all kinds of changes is Hayley will give him another chance,” the tipster reveals. 

Apparently, Cruise’s “ultra-paranoid lifestyle,” commitment to Scientology, and the 20-year age gap between him and Atwell were all “problematic” turnoffs. “At the end of the day, she felt they didn’t have enough in common,” the source says. Although their romance is off, Atwell and Cruise will still have to see each other during Mission: Impossible filmings. “Hayley has to play nice while they work together, but it’s already horribly awkward, and she’ll be working with Tom for months to come!” the snitch reveals. 

What’s Really Going On Between Hayley Atwell And Tom Cruise?

So is Tom Cruise really heartbroken after Hayley Atwell dumped him? We don’t think so for a few reasons. First, no media outlets outside the British tabloids ever confirmed Cruise and Atwell were officially dating. It’s pretty suspicious that the tabloids pushed the alleged relationship the entire time the stars were filming but then suddenly claimed split when the movie was finished.

The Reliability Of This Outlet 

Another reason we’re not taking this tabloid story seriously is the tabloid’s history reporting on Tom Cruise. For example, when Cruise had his car stolen on the set of Mission: Impossible, the outlet claimed he was panicking about his stolen belongings being used to take down Scientology. According to an insider, Cruise’s stolen electronics contained “communications with Scientology bigwigs” and other “business transactions.” While the story was juicy, Gossip Cop debunked the narrative. It was only reported that Cruise’s luggage and a script were missing, meaning the outlet invented the story wholesale. 

The outlet also said Cruise wanted to work with Reese Witherspoon despite ex-wife Nicole Kidman’s outrage. The entire story was fabricated, Gossip Cop learned after reaching out to a reliable source. It’s clear the magazine has no problem publishing fiction about one of the biggest stars in the world.


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