Tom Segura met Addison Rae at a UFC event and had no idea who she was

Comedian Tom Segura met Addison Rae at a recent UFC weigh-in — but he had no idea who the TikTok-famous influencer was at all, despite grabbing a pic with her.

In the age of social media, more and more influencers are entering the mainstream limelight. Consider the slew of Twitch streamers making an appearance in the upcoming movie Free Guy, for instance, or the number of social media stars who attended the 2019 Met Gala.

Addison Rae is one such influencer who is branching into A-List territory. Amid her regular hangouts with the Kardashians, Addison Rae is also starring in an upcoming Netflix film, and has even scored her own makeup line.

Rae is, first and foremost, a TikTok star, boasting over 82 million followers on the platform and over 38 million fans on Instagram… but even some genuine celebrities are shocked at the sheer breadth of her fame.

YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel

Addison Rae was recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show, where she was interviewed by David Spade.

Addison Rae fans shocked by Tom Segura admission

Stand-up comedian Tom Segura is one such celebrity who wasn’t aware of the scope of influencers’ influence, so to speak. He discussed the topic during a recent episode of his 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast, claiming that he’d met Rae for the first time during a weigh-in ahead of UFC 246.

Segura claimed he was in some front-row seats when he noticed Rae sitting with a security guard. Pretty soon, she began being approached by a slew of fans, prompting her guard to send them away after a time.

Segura then leaned over and asked Rae, “What about me?” prompting the influencer to snap a few pics with the comedian on his phone.

After first thinking Rae was a “fighter’s wife or girlfriend,” he was later corrected by someone sitting next to him, leading him to ask: “Who the f**k is that?”

Luckily, it seems that Segura is pretty understanding of influencers’ fame, comparing it to going to the movies — where not every single release is going to be one’s preferred cup of tea, so to speak.

“Not everything’s made for you,” he explained. “There’s all these different things because it’s appealing to different audiences. You could make that case in the world of stand-up comedy. We’re all like a movie.”

Either way, Segura’s encounter with Addison certainly made for a hilarious story. Who knows — maybe he’ll feature her in his next stand-up routine!

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