Top 10 Fresh Ways To Style A Pixie Haircut


When it comes to styling a pixie haircut, there are lots of simple ways that you style your hair. As per Allure, hairstylist Tim Rogers suggested that to give a feminine vibe to a pixie cut, one option is to keep bangs soft by blow-drying them to the side with a round brush. He explained that, “Wearing the bangs soft and side-swept can help minimize a square jaw and make a short cut look less severe.”

While waxes can be great for giving a pixie cut a “piecey texture,” it’s important to minimize how much wax you use, to prevent your hair becoming greasy. All you need is a penny-sized portion of wax to create a tousled look. To create a look that is youthful and on trend, Rogers recommended using a lightweight wax to style a pixie cut. He explained that, “I love Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment because it works well on all hair types and adds shine without sacrificing texture.”

As per Byrdie, to add a little extra style to your pixie cut, consider adding a few well throughout accessories, such as clips or a headband.

If you have curly hair — or choose to curl your hair — a curly pixie crop can look stunning.

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