Top earners in Texoma Gives express gratitude to community for support


Area nonprofit leaders said Texomans have been quite generous with their giving this past year but many of them are still in dire need of support.

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Now that our community has raised a combined $1.8 million through Texoma Gives, area nonprofits are trying to plan what they’ll do with the financial boost.

Now organizations are making plans for the money.

Wichita Christian School raised a little more than its $165,000 goal, coming in first place on the leaderboard. Among 195 nonprofits in our area, Faith Mission snagged second place, raising the most money it’s ever had in this fundraising initiative.

Faith Mission’s Nina Brackeen is among those within the organization gleaming with joy after this year’s Texoma Gives campaign proved to be successful for them.

Brackeen said they owe it all to donors and God.

“You get really spoiled at the mission because God comes through all the time for us,” Brackeen said. “It’s just one miracle after another here, and we prayed about reaching this goal of $15,000 from the inception to the end, and he answered our prayers.”

Faith Mission finished with the second most money raised at the end of the day on Thursday, with more than $154,000 from 223 donors.

Also expressing gratitude is Wichita Christian School’s principal Courtney Cummings. Wichita Christian is at the top of the leaderboard with more than $165,000 from 161 donors.

“The Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation is phenomenal; they gave our board and the leaders on our board the tools that they needed to be successful, and the strategy was really to follow their lead because they are the heroes of Texoma Gives Day,” Cummings said.

Brackeen agreed.

Both she and Cummings said the money raised will be put to good use.

“Don’t forget: this replaced some key fundraisers we have in the past, like Fashion Night Out, Faith in the Falls, and they raise similar amounts of money, not quite this much, but close. So it would go into the same programs as needed, as it has in the past,” Brackeen said.

“This money helps provide for our fine arts program, for our academic program, for everything we do to meet the needs of the children at Wichita Christian School and in the Wichita Christian School Community,” Cummings said.

Cummings and Brackeen said they are grateful for everyone including their board, individual donors and their matching donors, which allowed them to meet their goal.

If you were unable to donate during the 16-hour online giving event Thursday, you still have all year long to do so.

Donate to Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

Donate to Wichita Christian School.

The P.E.T.S. Clinic was fourth on the leaderboard with almost $124,000.

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