Top most beautiful and designer land-based casino buildings

If you think people go to casinos just to play games, think again! This article will introduce you to some notable works of architecture you can see in casinos. Even if you are not an avid player, you would want to visit these places at least once.

Norwegians also love and admire the look of the casino. Still, due to restrictions and quarantine, they switched to an online version of the casino that is not inferior in chic and brightness to the land-based predecessor. The designer online casino casinospill is one such example. Our guest post topic expert Chris Haagensen brings you a curated list of some fabulous casino buildings.

Monte Carlo Casino

Monaco is famous for it’s beautiful settings, venues and casinos. Of all of them, Monte Carlo is a household name throughout Norway and the rest of the world. It’s got an elegant and intriguing design, making anyone who enters feel like a movie star.

It’s one of the most used casino buildings used in films, and particularly well-known as being the one used for the James Bond Casino Royale blockbuster..You must have heard of the famous casino buildings in Monaco. It’s a popular filming location to this date. 

The building’s interior is reminiscent of the Belle Époque. You’ll be mesmerised by the artwork inside and its beauty. The paintings are a reminder of the rich culture of Monaco.

Casino de Monte Carlo is a luxurious gambling resort and is famous among the rich and the powerful. Some games on offer are blackjack, roulette, poker. Enjoy the marvellous view of the Riviera from inside the building. Even the exterior is designed to impress!

Sun City, South Africa

The Sun City is South Africa’s most loved land-based casino resort located in the city of Rustenburg. You’ll find human-made beaches, beautiful waterfalls, pools, and also a lake nestled in this safari-themed resort. There are also two world-famous golf courses inside. Other than the casino, you can also visit nightclubs, restaurants, and bars.

There are various games on offer in the casino, such as stud baccarat, poker, craps, and a wide range of slot machines. It looks like some sort of jungle palace surrounded by lush green land. What’s more, it is also not far from the famous city of Pretoria.  

Baden-Baden Casino, Germany

This site is considered one of the most beautiful land-based casinos in the world. The German artwork on the walls and the entire classic décor is tasteful and luxurious. Its peak season is summer when a lot of global elites visit it. You can also enjoy a spa, attend conferences in its complex, or enjoy an eventful dinner in its top-class dining area.

Moreover, its location is ideal for those needing an escape from city life. It is tucked away from the city noise in the tranquillity of the Black Forest. Baden-Baden is German for “bath”, and the town is famous for its spa culture. 

No wonder, during Prussian times, this casino was well-known among the European aristocrats. You will find crimson walls and colourful murals in the salon. To contrast its classic look, the casino debuted an oriental restaurant, the Grill, in 2016 with a modern aesthetic.  

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz is among the poshest places in London and famous among the elites. It is a former ballroom with a dome ceiling and trompe l’oeil art on the walls. It exemplifies how you can beautifully merge classic and contemporary décor.

Las Vegas

The City of Lights, Vegas, is home to many designer casinos.

The Bellagio

Not just a pop-culture reference. It’s also a one-of-its-kind casino environment. It is a contemporary hotel built in 1992, upon the demolished site of Dunes Hotel & Casino. You can enjoy great views from the hotel, including that of the spectacular dancing fountain with music and lights.

Caesars Palace

It’s a Roman-style casino located in the heart of Vegas. You’ll be amazed by its grandeur, the marble walls and spiralling staircase. You can play slots, table games, and poker in what’s truly a world-class environment. There’s also a betting and horse racing area. Caesars Palace is a known tourist attraction and is also visited by non-gamblers just for its ambience.


Now you know that you can visit casinos for reasons other than playing. You can also find restaurants, spas, or just go there to enjoy the beauty and take pictures. 

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