Top Online Remote Jobs Available During COVID 19 Lockdown

COVID 19 pandemic continues to spread across the world every single day. There are high-risk alerts, ambulance sirens, and nationwide lockdown imposed. To flatten the curve, several companies have shut doors, and the government has laid new norms for the betterment of public health and welfare. Staying at home and following social distancing measures top the charts. 

No matter where we are, even if locked at home for eons, the human race will always emerge victoriously. Why not turn these mundane days into productive ones! Did you know that there are many companies open for recruiting freshers as well as experienced workers? Click here to find out more

Whether you are looking for a freelance project or a full-time one, there are opportunities for every individual. So let us make the most effective use of the internet. Here are the top online remote jobs in 2021 available during lockdown listed below. Work from the comfort of your residence and be financially independent.


The job of an educator or teacher is one of the most respected professions in the world. If there are doctors today saving lives, it is because a good mentor or teacher trained them for over a decade or two.

Engineers can build bridges and planes because a mentor spent countless days and nights delivering them with quality lectures and demonstrations to provide skin to the skeleton. No matter whether it is an epidemic or not, a teacher never goes off-duty. 

If you are an avid teacher, there are many spaces where you can register your details. You can teach elementary kids, adults, or school students. Many educational portals and institutions hire candidates for teaching positions. Some of the students enroll themselves in language courses as well. 

You can mentor IELTS aspirants too, who dream to study/work abroad. There are plenty of opportunities in this profession. If you have the specific qualifications and work experience, you could be on a way to live it all.

Content Writer

Content writing is the only profession that can never go out of the trend. There have always been good opportunities for web content writers of different genres. Recruiters are always looking out for content writers. They should excel in producing well-researched and reliable content. 

Brownie points to Grammar Nazis and those who have a unique style of writing. A content writer must be an avid researcher as well. Proper research leads to verified facts and figures on a page, article, report, or theses. These traits are necessary for those who aspire to be a content writer. 

Healthcare Specialist

A proper healthcare system is the need of the hour. There’s someone or the other breaking down due to ill health, and they need immediate help. A healthcare specialist is a healthcare professional who works in both clinical and non-clinical settings. 

The clinical setting generally includes doctors, nurses, surgeons. The non-clinical healthcare system involves medical equipment repairers. He/She fixes medical instruments depending upon the instructions of qualified physicians. 

Another essential aspect of the healthcare system is consultation. When “Stay at home” and “Follow social distancing” is in foster, we are only entitled to consult with our doctors, physicians, or nutritionists over Skype or a similar medium. 

Kudos to modern technology! We have healthcare specialists available round the clock for consultancy services. It could be about any medical need or understanding the ins and outs of symptoms that can cause disease later, conducting crucial tests or dietary requirements, a healthcare specialist is a real-life superhero. 

You need to have good knowledge about the very same field. This way you can not only earn your bread but save a million lives as well. 

Mental Health Therapist 

The pandemic has stirred the global economy. It has also ended several dreams and aspirations. There are people who not only have strains on their physical features but on their minds as well. Mental health has been the least spoken about issue since times immemorial but it is time now. 

Thousands of dreams shattered, and the career graph went upside down. People are coping with the loss of near and dear ones as well. A mental health therapist uses professional techniques to help people cope with psychological distress. The rise of mental health illness is quite prevalent in the United States, where according to a survey, every fourth person seeks help from a mental health therapist. Especially during an epidemic where people are trying to cope with financial and personal losses, a mental health therapist is quite a boon for today’s society. 

If you have the required set of skills and certifications, you could establish yourself and provide consultations to people across the globe. These are some of the best online remote jobs in 2021. It can help you earn a living and also prove to be a boon for the world.

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