Tori Roloff fesses up: Admits she forgot about Lilah

A day late, Tori Roloff took to Instagram to pay tribute to her beautiful daughter Lilah on Instagram. Those who follow Zach’s wife know she’s constantly praising their son Jackson. Getting a special post dedicated to Lilah, however, is a rare treat. This isn’t to say that Tori doesn’t post photos containing her daughter, Lilah. But, big brother Jackson definitely comes off as the main character of this family.

For the most part, LPBW fans don’t complain too much as Jackson is also considered a fan favorite as far as the reality TV series cast is concerned. But, some can’t help but wonder if Lilah gets the same amount of attention as her big brother Jackson.


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Tori Roloff fesses up: Admits she forgot about Lilah

The LPBW mother took to Instagram to fess up to the fact that she forgot to post about her daughter Lilah on National Daughter’s Day. She, however, defended herself by noting that every day was “National Lilah Day” in their household. The photo featured Lilah standing up while holding onto a white fence for support. She was rocking a pair of circular sunglasses and an adorable matching white bow on the side of her head.

She penned in her caption: “I missed national daughter day yesterday, but let’s be real: it’s national Lilah day every day in the Roloff household. This little bean is so loved and I’m so thankful I get to call her mine.”

Tori Roloff Phorography – Instagram

LPBW fans react to the sweet photo of the little one

Little People, Big World fans were thrilled to see a cute photo of Lilah Roloff. They rushed into the comment section with a parade of heart emojis. The photo was liked nearly 50,000 times inside of 24 hours. Fans gushed about how precious she looked in the photos. “Beauty,” “adorable,” and “cute” were some of the words used to describe her.

Tori Roloff clearly favors her son Jackson over Lilah

In addition to Tori admitting she forgot her daughter Lilah, this tribute is a far cry from the type of tribute she typically offers to her son. It’s only been a week since the last time she posted a tribute to Jackson.

Tori penned in a tribute to her son just six days ago: “This kid is so solid through and through that I think sometimes I forget he’s only 4.”

“First time baby j has stepped inside this stadium!” She penned in a post seven days ago featuring multiple pictures of Jackson Roloff.

She wrote in a post at the beginning of the month that focused largely on Jackson going back to school while featuring photos of both children: “Does Jackson have to go back to school?! Does summer have to end?!”

“Our kid is 4 years old and is way cooler than we will ever be.” Tori noted in a tribute to Jackson she posted on August 19th that also contained TONS of pictures of him.

But, how often does she post about Lilah Roloff?

Three weeks ago was the last time she posted a tribute to her daughter Lilah. The caption was MUCH shorter than her captions to Jackson. It simply noted she really loved her daughter.

Prior to that, her last tribute to her daughter was 11 weeks ago. It contained three pictures of her daughter. The post also served as a promotion of a product Tori was currently sponsoring. So, it wasn’t even just a tribute to his daughter so much as a post she was using to earn some income.

There is no denying that Tori Roloff loves both her son and her daughter. But, her Instagram activity screams she favors her son Jackson. So, it is a little scary that she wants to have a third baby to split the attention Lilah Roloff gets even further.

Do you think Tori Roloff gives Jackson more attention than Lilah? What do you think about her fessing up to forgetting about her daughter on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.


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