Tori Spelling Kicking Dean McDermott Out As Marriage Hits ‘Lowest Point Yet’?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are no strangers to divorce rumors. However, according to one tabloid, the couple is currently at their lowest point yet, and the end is in sight. Gossip Cop investigates the narrative to see what’s really going on. 

Tori Spelling Telling Husband To Move Out?

The latest report from the National Enquirer alleges Tori Spelling wants Dean McDermott to “pack his bags” before she returns home from Europe. “She’s willing to be civil, but at this point, she figures it’s not right for the two of them to be under one roof,” an unnamed insider leaks. While Spelling was in Malta working on a “mystery project,” she decided it was finally time to kick McDermott out of the house. 

Although McDermott “wants to stick around,” it’s Spelling who “calls the shots” in the relationship. “He’ll need to move in with friends or rent,” the source close to the couple says. The tabloid then points out Spelling and McDermott’s past troubles, recalling when Spelling recently admitted she and McDermott don’t sleep in the same bed. “The marriage isn’t 100 percent kaput, but it’s at its lowest point!” one of the sources reveals. 

What’s Going On With The Couple?

So is it true? Are Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott finally coming to a close? It’s hard to say, as nobody really knows what’s going on in the couple’s relationship. While it’s true the couple has had drama and relationship problems have followed them in the past, it’s not an automatic indicator they’re getting a divorce. 

McDermott recently commented on the divorce rumors that have been popping up in the media. “It’s just weird that people need to know,” McDermott noted about the speculation on his relationship. McDermott even explained that the reason he hasn’t been wearing a ring is that he lost his wedding ring playing golf and hasn’t replaced it. 

The Tabloid’s Previous Reports On Spelling And McDermott 

Another reason it’s tough to confirm what’s true and what’s not is this outlet’s history with Spelling and McDermott’s relationship. At one point, the National Enquirer alleged Spelling was “wasting away to nothing” with stress as she and McDermott’s marriage failed. However, months earlier, the same tabloid said Spelling demanded another child to even stay with McDermott. It’s apparent this outlet is having trouble picking a lane and sticking with it. When it comes to Spelling and McDermott’s marriage, we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. 


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