Trainspotter’s Hilariously Heartwarming Videos Have Made Everyone Seriously Happy

@francis_bourgeois43/ Instagram

A hilarious trainspotter has posted a heartwarming video on Instagram, leaving people in stitches. 

If there was ever a more wholesome hobby to have, then a fierce passion for trainspotting is definitely one of them.

Francis Bourgeois uses his Instagram to post about all things trains, and while at first, you may want nothing to do with being reminded of your morning commute, the way Bourgeois films and reacts to these trains is truly spirit-lifting.

The train in question is a Class 59 (59103) Merehead Quarry – Wootoon Bassett, and while like you, I have no clue either about what any of that means, it doesn’t take away from the pure joy of the video one single bit.

The ‘legend’ in question driving the train and giving Bourgeois some ‘absolute brilliant honks’ is Gordon (a.k.a. @freight_man_59_66_70).

After just about getting out a thank you to Gordon for his excellent display, Bourgeois (@francis_bourgeois43) cannot stop himself from laughing in pure ecstasy at the train display in front of him, wearing a head camera to document the uplifting experience.

The post has since amassed over 8,226 likes and 417 comments, with other users flooding to the clip in sheer joy of Bourgeois’ presenting skills and wholesome display of excitement, for what many often just view as their journey to work. One said: ‘Your love for life is all the world needs to see. Go on!!! Keep it up.’

I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything my whole entire life. This dude has found his ultimate joy in life watching public transport.

A third commented: ‘Get Gordon a pay rise.’

Someone make this lad a train conductor or ticketer – next time I’m taking a trip, I refuse to settle for anything less than ecstatic delight and a commentator like this. Three honks for Gordon and Francis.


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