Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle claims he wants to play the accordion in a band

Trainspotting and Once Upon A Time star Robert Carlyle has told his musician daughter Ava that he would like to play the accordion in a band.

Robert can already sing and play the guitar and even sang for some of the scenes in California Solo, a movie about the downfall of a rock’n’roller who already thought he was at bottom.

He said at the time: “I was in a band when I was 16, and I’m so glad it didn’t actually follow through with that because I would have been f***ed.

“I play a guitar, just bits and bobs. Most of my friends back home can. The Gallagher brothers are friends of mine. “

Robert who reckoned it might be tough keeping up with the rock n roll life of partying too hard now presents a music show looing at the emerging music scene on Bogaloo radio and appeared to ask listeners what musical instrument they would play.

His daughter Ava responded: “I think you would play the triangle if u were in a band @robertcarlyle_#BOBSHOW x”

However Robert saw himself playing an instrument that has become an important part of Scottish folk bands.

He responded: “Either that or the accordion xx”

Ava replied: “Nah that seems too difficult.”

Fans loved the idea and one said: “There’s an app that’ll let you play accordion on an iPad if you want to give it some practice.”

Another added: “I see you on a trumpet to be honest.”

And someone else chirped: “I’d love to see you with a penny whistle.”


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