Travelodge logo has a hidden meaning – it’s not a picture of hills

Travelodge, known for its budget stays, has caused quite the stir on TikTok.

Social media users have been left baffled by its logo, which many believed to be rolling hills and a rising sun.

However, this one woman has revealed on TikTok that this is not actually the case.

According to TikTok user @__chxrll the logo is actually of someone SLEEPING.

In the video where she reveals the wild discovery, the woman casually munches on crisps as she explained: “My dumb a*** thinking about how the Travelodge logo is a person sleeping.”

She then shows a picture of the logo and added: “For years I thought it was HILLS.”

This one TikTok user has shared her wild discovery about the Travelodge logo

The viral video that has left people in shock has now racked up a whopping 724,000 views and has got 33,000 likes.

One user commented: “I thought it was hills too and I used to go there all the time.”

Another person added: “NO WAY. been living a lie my whole life.”

A third respondersaid: “Well this is brand new information.”

And another TikToker admitted: “ I work for Travelodge and I’ve never even realised.”

Travelodge logo
We can’t believe the logo is someone sleeping
Travelodge logo
We will never be able to see the hills again after this
(Image: Travelodge)

Meanwhile, another person seemed to be way off the mark: “ I thought it was a seagull.”

However, this revelation did not come at a surprise for some people.

As one person said: “Am I the only one that has always known it’s a person sleeping? I feel kinda special not gonna lie.”

Let us know in the comments what you thought the logo was!

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