Tre Cooper’s Uncle Dated Tahzjuan Hawkins Before ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

While some of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants had met one another before hitting the beach together, Tahzjuan had a very unique connection to Tre.

“Yeah, so I know Tre because I went on a date with his uncle,” Tahzjuan revealed in a confessional during the Season 7 premiere. “I don’t think he knows.”

The realtor then shared that she met Tre’s family member on a dating app, and that the two had kissed.

“It’s tough for me, because that’s my blood relative, obviously,” Tre later explained in his own interview. “That’s my mom’s brother.”

Though Tre and Tahzjuan felt uncomfortable at first by their connection to his uncle, they were one of the first duos to kiss on Season 7.

The new couple may be moving on from Tahzjuan’s pre-show date, but fans certainly were not ready to let it go. Following the episode, Tre gave viewers what they wanted, and he shared more details about his uncle on Twitter.

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