Tricky brainteaser challenges you to find judge without gavel in 38 seconds
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Tricky brainteaser challenges you to find judge without gavel in 38 seconds

Do you love a brainteaser? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got just the puzzle for you.

The latest image to go viral involves a crowd of judges on their benches, with one key element missing.

And it’s safe to say the mind-boggling puzzle has not only left lawyers stumped, but the whole internet too.

Schmidt and Clarke are the masterminds behind the brainteaser that portrays a crowd of judges on their benches.

The game requires you to spot the judge who lost their gavel.

If you want to beat the high score, the creators say you’d have to complete it in less than 38 seconds.

So can you do it? Let us know how well you do in the comments below…

Can you solve the brainteaser in less than 40 seconds?

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And if the puzzle is way too difficult for you, go ahead and check out the answer below.

Looking for more head-scratching brainteasers to keep you busy on bank holiday Monday?

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Brainteaser answer
The answer has been circled in red for you

The person who shared it wrote: “Just some fun colours! Or something more.”

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