Trina Is Suspicious Of Esme And Spencer, Will She Prove Them To Be Stalkers?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Trina is after Esme and Spencer. She knows that they are up to something, and in the upcoming days, she will put her everything to find out what they are doing. Spoilers hint that Trina wants to stop Ava from leaving the town. So, she will work on finding out the proofs. What will she do? Here is everything to know. 

Trina Is Suspicious

General Hospital viewers who have been keeping up with the show know that Trina has become really suspicious of Esme and Spencer. She knows that they have something to do with the stalking situation Ava is in. However, she still needs to find proof. Now, Trina is taking her friends’ help in trying to find the truth. She recently filled Cameron and Joss in on the fact that she feels that Spencer and Esme could be acting as a team to scare Ava away. So, she would like them to help her in finding out the proof. Trina really needs to prove this before Ava leaves the town. So, would she be able to do so? 

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General Hospital Spoilers: Trina Is Putting Herself In Danger

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Trina might be after the truth, and in search of this truth, she might put herself in grave danger. GH viewers know that Esme is dangerous. She burned down Ava’s care, and she, along with Spencer, chose to terrorize a little girl to get their way.

Not only that, but Esme is also jealous of the connection Spencer and Trina share. So, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Trina might not be safe. However, since her motivation to make Ava stay in Port Charles is huge, she will take her chances. But, will she be able to convince her? 

Will Trina Find The Evidence?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Trina will have some ideas up her sleeves. Trina might think that it would be best if Spencer or Esme themselves confessed the truth. But that won’t be easy. While Trina and Josslyn, and Cameron are by her side helping her, they will all have to navigate this territory very carefully. Josslyn has already threatened Esme using her family name. So, would she use that to scare Esme into telling the truth? It is possible indeed. General Hospital spoilers hint, Trina, Josslyn, and Cameron Will be up to something, and they will work very hard to find out what Esme and Spencer are hiding. 

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Ava is ready to leave Port Charles indefinitely. She is scared for her daughter Avery and doesn’t want her to suffer. So, she is ready to give up everything. But, reveals that Trina isn’t ready to let Ava go. Trina loves Ava dearly and doesn’t want to see her life uprooting. So, in the upcoming days of General Hospital, Trina will do everything she has to in order to stop Ava from leaving. Would Trina ask Nikolas for help too? It is possible indeed. will keep passing on all the updates about the soap. So, stay tuned. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Be sure to tune in and catch up. 


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