Trisha Paytas slams David Dobrik’s “sh**ty” behavior and says he has bad karma

Trisha Paytas’ rocky history with David Dobrik came to a head on the ‘Mom’s Basement’ podcast. During the August 18 episode, they explained why relations are still “sh**ty” with the Vlog Squad founder. 

This isn’t the first time Trisha has been outspoken about the YouTuber’s controversies. In July 2021, the YouTube star even called out Vlog Squad member Natalie Noah for defending David from the backlash.

Fans stood by Trisha’s side for calling out the YouTube clique, citing “gaslighting” as the reason Trisha felt hurt. On August 13, the social media sensation explained why they “can’t let up” on David’s “traumatic crime.”

Trisha was quizzed about the pair’s current friendship status by Keemstar on the August 18 episode of ‘Mom’s Basement.’

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Trisha and David have been feuding since 2020.

The ‘Drama Alert’ host stated that “David got canceled, big time” and “lost a lot.” He asked Trisha whether they could “see yourself being cool with David?”

Shooting all hopes of reconciliation out of the water, Trisha admitted that they couldn’t see themselves being cool with the YouTuber. “Definitely not… with David,” they said. “But I’m always down to… talk to someone.” The YouTube star previously stated in a Tweet that they like to “discuss and debate.”

The content creator claimed that “David and Jason (Nash) took zero accountability.” They revealed that neither party “reached out”, and “they have a lot more bad karma coming their way.” In relation to their former romance with Jason, Trisha said that “he did a lot of sh**ty things to a lot of sh**ty people.”

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After discussing David’s apology to Gabbie Hanna, Trisha doubled down on needing one for themselves. “The stuff he did to me wasn’t that much… it was like tormenting.”

Nonetheless, the YouTuber stated she still finds David “gross” and claims he’s “running away from (the situation).”

Trisha claimed they “still get all this hate” from fans of the Vlog Squad.

The full episode of ‘Mom’s Basement’ can be streamed exclusively on Spotify.

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