Trouble Is Brewing Up Between Jason And Sonny! What Will Happen?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny and Jason might have to deal with some issues down the line. Ever since Sonny left, Jason has been the one taking care of everything. But now that Sonny is back, it is possible that the transition between the two of them might become a little difficult. So, would Jason and Sonny’s relationship suffer? What will happen? Keep reading to find out. 

General Hospital Spoilers: Things Will Heat Up Between Sonny And Jason?

The latest General Hospital spoilers hint that many GH viewers are worried that there might be some friction between Sonny and Jason in the upcoming days. Sonny has been living as “Mike” in Nixon Falls for almost nine months. While he was away, Jason took care of everything. But now that he is back, he will want to reclaim everything. But, if the transition becomes any difficult, things might become sour between Jason and Sonny. 

Not only was Jason taking care of the business, but he also married Carly. This is indeed a big blow. While Sonny hasn’t yet reacted to it, spoilers suggest that he will soon, and that might cause some troubles. Will Jason and Sonny be okay? 

General Hospital

In a recent interview, Sonny portrayer Maurice Benard spoke about what would happen next. He spoke about Jason and Sonny’s relationship. The actor says that the two of them are best friends. While they might have some issues, it won’t take very long for them to get over them and move on. 

GH viewers know that what Benard is saying is true. Jason and Sonny have been friends for years. So, whatever the problem might be, they will conquer it. However,

suggests that Jason and Carly’s feelings for each other might become a huge issue in the upcoming days. How will they deal with it? We will have to wait to know. will keep passing on all the updates. So, stay tuned. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Make sure you enjoy all the action. 


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