Trump tried to use ‘presidential powers’ to block Capitol riot probe

Former President Donald Trump still seems to think of himself as the commander in chief – but people were quick to remind him that that’s not the reality anymore.

Despite no longer being president, Trump has threatened to deploy his old powers. He indicated on Wednesday that he would claim executive privilege to prevent the House Select Committee from looking into papers related to the insurrection.

“Executive privilege will be defended, not just on behalf of my Administration and the Patriots who worked beside me, but on behalf of the Office of the President of the United States and the future of our Nation,” Trump said in a statement.

He also added: “These Democrats only have one tired trick—political theater—and their latest request only reinforces that pathetic reality.”

But folks on Twitter were quick to point out that Trump is no longer the country’s leader and that he seems “fired up to protect” something.

“Uh… who is going to tell him he’s no longer president. It looks like he finally sees that he’s in trouble here,” someone wrote.

“Isn’t this proof positive that the guy is kind of not in his right mind anymore, if he was ever? He thinks he [is]still president,” another added.

Someone else thinks that Trump is “terrified” about what may be revealed.

“Have to wonder what he is so fired up to Protect. If everything he did was above board, he’d have no problem releasing the Documents. This says he is Terrified about what could come out. All he will do is slow them down. He’s doomed,” they wrote.

Check out some other responses below.

According to CNN, President Joe Biden’s administration has already declined to declare executive privilege over statements related to the Capitol Hill riots on January 6. Former Justice Department officials were told that they were free to show “unrestricted testimony.”

The administration,  on the other hand, has not remarked on whether the committee should have full access to the Trump White House’s archives and materials.

The House select committee’s document requests are similar to those issued by other House committees in the aftermath of the January 6 unrest. Still, they expanded the search to include other sectors and people inside and outside government.

The select committee specifically seeks records from the Department of Justice, the Department of the Interior, the National Archives, and other agencies.

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