Trump’s ‘weight loss’ renews 2024 presidency rumours but some claim pic is fake

Republican Candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania Sean Parnell posted the image on Twitter last Thursday, provoking hundreds of comments, including over its authenticity

The image was posted last week

A picture of Donald Trump apparently looking like he’s lost weight has sparked rumours of a 2024 US presidency bid.

But some on social media claim the image of the disgraced former president is a fake.

Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania Sean Parnell posted the image on Twitter last Thursday.

He captioned it by saying: “It’s time to Win Pennsylvania and Save America! Let’s roll!”

In the image Donald Trump appears to have lost weight in stark contrast to previous appearances this year.

But hundreds of people have commented on the post, with some saying it could be a fake image.

Trump previously pictured eating McDonald’s on board Air Force One


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One social media user said: “Holy f**k that’s a lot of photoshop.”

While another said: “This photo is fake as Hell.”

One person asked: “Is that a wax figure of President Trump?”

Donald Trump’s former physician Dr Ronny Jackson had said he regrets his failure to implement a lasting healthy regime for the then-president


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Others were more complimentary and one said: “Donald looks so happy and healthy. It’s nice to see him relaxing and taking time for himself. It’s really paying off.”

Another wrote: “[Not going to lie] he does actually look a lot better physically. Not a trump fan but it is nice to see someone recover like that.”

It has bolstered rumours that the president, who lost out to his rival Joe Biden earlier this year, will have another go at the top seat at the next presidential election.

Donald Trump speaking to the a crowd in June this year


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Previously it was reported that Trump had lost about 15 pounds (6.8kg) as of April, and had traded his spray tan for a natural hue at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

According to Business Insider his advisers say the former president has seen a marked improvements to his health, having upgraded his diet and through frequent rounds of golf.

A source told the publication: “Mar-a-Lago guests frequently comment about how good he’s looking over these last couple of months. He feels great as well.”

The apparent turnaround in his diet and exercise regime has fuelled questions over whether Trump is considering another election bid in 2024, a possibility he has neither confirmed nor denied.

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