Try to avoid getting hypnotised by these dogs and their irresistible eyes

The intensity of these pups’ gazes was enough to make them stand out from the crowd in the Dog Show

Try as you might, once these dogs have you locked in their gaze, it’s tricky to look away!

Everyone knows that a dog’s eyes are one of their most adorable features, and how better to celebrate this feature than with an entire gallery dedicated to the most hypnotic eyes we’ve seen today.

A number of dogs have impressed on the opening day of the TeamDogs Dog Show, with adorable photos being uploaded by the bucketload.

The pictures were posted by users as part of the first day of the competition, where the theme was ‘most beautiful eyes’.

Tomorrow’s competition theme will be Waggiest Tail, followed by Golden Oldie on Wednesday.

A wide range of entries were received, but the following were the dogs whose eyes wowed the most in terms of their hypnotism.


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