Trying All of the Costco Muffins + Photos

WINNER: The blueberry muffin was undercooked but still my favorite.

These blueberries were juicy and delicious.

Su-Jit Lin

I adore blueberry muffins, so the mere sight of the plentiful, baked berries tumbling down the crests of these tops was enough to cause a Pavlovian reaction.

Though, I tempered my excitement, because the surfaces looked dry, and unless I held them close to my face, these treats barely smelled like anything. 

Plus I could feel through the knife that this muffin was outrageously moist.

Baked the same day as the double-chocolate muffins, this batch was also underdone — what I thought might be custard was actually raw batter. 

But this muffin was excellent enough that I still ranked it first. Despite the appearance of the outer crumb and the flaw in its technical execution, it went above and beyond in nearly every way.

It was really well-balanced since the taste was subtly sweet, and the texture was dense and heavy without feeling like a pound cake. Plus the dry-looking top was actually quite soft, and the bottom edges easily melted away.

The cascades of blueberries were everything I’d hoped they’d be — naturally sweet and juicy.

Pairing this muffin with milk or coffee would also nicely bring out the vanilla finish.

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