Tucker Carlson Mocked AOC Fears Of Being Raped On Jan. 6

For Tucker Carlson, no matter how low there’s always somewhere to go. The Fox News host has spread whopping vaccine lies. He’s told his viewers to harass people wearing masks. He’s downplayed the Jan. 6 Capitol siege. Speaking of which, he’s repeatedly sneered at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fears that day that she was going to be singled out by an angry mob who’ve been trained, by Carlson and people like him, to hate her more than most. On Thursday, he took that perspective next level.

On the most recent episode of his show, Carlson was talking about Ashlii Babbit, the poor woman brainwashed by Trump and Carlson and others into thinking the 2020 election was stolen, and who was one of the five people who died on that fateful day. She’s been turned into a martyr by the far right, and while re-itching that wound, Carlson pivoted to AOC, laughing at her fears of being raped by violent Trump supporters. (He also likes to call her “Sandy,” for some reason.)

“Get a therapist, honey,” Carlson said in a jeering tone. “These people were mad because they though the election wasn’t fair. You may disagree with that, but this wasn’t about you, surprise, surprise.”

He then continued to minimize and mock her very justified fears. “I was going to be raped by Ashli Babbitt,” he joked. He then busted out a false equivalency. “Imagine this was said by a Republican about BLM rioters—across the country, Kenosha, Green Bay, Wisconsin! What would happen if some Karen said that?”

He then concluded that AOC could make these claims “because the people rioting on Jan. 6 had the wrong political views.”

Carlson mocking a woman’s fears of being raped by his violent viewers did not go over well, especially from AOC herself, who took to Twitter to voice her concern — and mock Carlson a bit, too.

“I couldn’t care less about what this talking inferiority complex has to say,” she wrote, “but I do feel for the women and survivors in his life who now see they wouldn’t be believed or safe with him. Many survivors of assault don’t tell family, friends, etc bc of how they see others treated.”

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