TWICE Reveals ‘What is Love?’ Easter Egg in ‘The Feels’ MV — Did You Catch It?

On October 1, TWICE uploaded a music video reaction to their latest English single The Feels. There, they revealed a What is Love?  easter egg that fans might have missed! Keep on reading for all the details!

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Did You Catch This ‘What is Love?’ Easter Egg in ‘The Feel’ Music Video?

On October 1, TWICE uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel. In the video, the members (excluding Jeongyeon) reacted to their music video of their latest single The Feels. As they reacted, the eight girls shared behind-the-scenes stories from the set, revealing how fun it was to film this music video.

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During one of the scenes, the members are seen inside a walk-in closet. The members take turns singing in front of the camera while the other members dance, joke, and have fun behind them. When this scene started to play, Chaeyoung revealed that there was another behind-the-scenes story. Nayeon instantly caught on and screamed, “Leon!”


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During the filming of the music video, there was a swivel chair on set. Chaeyoung then revealed that the swivel chair reminded her of when Dahyun acted as Leon (from the movie Leon) during their What is Love? music video. To Dahyun’s surprise, there were sunglasses and a pot of flowers when she turned around — just like when they were filming in 2018!


(Photo : TWICE YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

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Dahyun and Chaeyoung then decided to leave a little easter egg for fans in The Feels music video. Dahyun wore the sunglasses to look like Leon, while Chaeyoung held the flower pot to represent Mathilde. In some scenes, Dahyun is seen sitting on the chair, wearing the sunglasses and holding the flower pot, which is highly reminiscent of her solo scene in What is Love?


(Photo : TWICE YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

Did you catch this easter egg? If not, you better go back and watch it again!

Check out TWICE’s music video reaction here:

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TWICE Recent Activities

On October 1, TWICE released their first original English single The Feels. While this is TWICE’s first English single, it is not their first English release. The girl group has released English versions of MORE & MORE, Cry For Me, and I CAN’T STOP ME. They also released a cover of The Jackson 5’s I Want You Backand released their first original English track What You Waiting For in 2019 as part of their Japanese album &TWICE.


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Upon release, The Feels hit number one on the iTunes Chart in 26 countries, including Singapore, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Macau, Hong Kong, Colombia, Indonesia, Turkey, and more. Additionally, The Feels entered the top ten in 28 other regions.

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