TWICE Tzuyu Reveals How She Thinks Her Image Has Changed

In an interview with L’Officiel Singapore, TWICE member Tzuyu reveals how she thinks her image changed throughout the years.

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On October 1, L’Officiel Singapore released their interview with TWICE member Tzuyu, the cover girl of their October 2021 issue. In the interview, the Taiwanese idol revealed how she thinks her image has changed and more.

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During the interview, L’Officiel asked Tzuyu how her sound and image have evolved and how they are different from the Japanese version for the Japanese market. Tzuyu responds that she thinks that the group’s overall sound and image have changed somewhat following Twicetagram.

She then states that in the past, she has a lovely and bright image. Now, however, she is able to show a mature and varied imaged. Tzuyu added that with their last Korean comeback, Taste of Love, they were able to show a fresh summer vibe. Meanwhile, TWICE showed a more confident and cooler image for their latest Japanese release Perfect World.


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

Tzuyu was then asked about her favorite and least favorite comeback trends are. She stated that she loves retro vibes, as it makes her feel like she can go back to the past. She then said that there is no comeback trend that she did not like. Tzuyu gushed over how much she loves retro concepts and going back to the best throughout the interview.

The idol noted that for their album Eyes Wide Open, TWICE was able to tackle a retro concept. She confessed that the theme for that comeback was one she personally loved.


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L’Officiel asked the TWICE member what she would want to bring back from the past. Tzuyu revealed that she wanted to bring back the way people lived in the past. She acknowledged that nowadays, it is really easy and convenient to find something fun to enjoy. Still, she is curious about how people in the past spent their time.

TWICE Tzuyu Lands First Solo Magazine Cover WIth L’Officiel Malaysia and Singapore

On September 28, 2021, it was revealed that TWICE member Tzuyu would be the cover girl for L’Officiel Malaysia and Singapore’s October 2021 issue. This marks Tzuyu’s first solo magazine cover.


(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

Following the announcement, both L’Officiel Malaysia and Singapore took to their social media accounts to share a promotional video for Tzuyu’s issue. In the video, the idol announces that she is the month’s cover girl and encourages everyone to love and support the magazine. JYP Entertainment also shared a photo of Tzuyu’s cover to TWICE’s social media accounts.

Congratulations on your first solo magazine cover, Tzuyu!

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