Twitch offering $10k grants to streamers for new content ideas and features

Twitch are offering their dedicated community members a great opportunity to develop new initiatives for content and features, with grants available as they search for fresh ideas to drive the platform forward.

Twitch is already the premier livestreaming platform, with most of the biggest names in the space broadcasting there and commanding a large portion of overall viewership.

But they’re not willing to rest on their laurels yet and are reaching out to their community to make the experience even better.

As if streamers needed an incentive to grow their opportunities, though, the platform is also offering $10,000 in grants as a reward for the best ideas.


The grants are being offered as part of Twitch Past Forward.

As part of Twitch Past-Forward, which saw the platform celebrate its community with big streams throughout the latter half of July 2021, they have also announced Twitch Past-Forward Grants.

With the aim to help streamers bring their content and product ideas to life, Twitch is offering $10k to a winning idea in each of the following categories:

  • Content – Gaming: Do you have a new idea for taking gaming streams to the next level? Is there a tabletop game show or vtuber concept you’d test if you have a little support?
  • Content – Creative: Musicians, MakeUp Artists, Body Painters, Makers & Crafters, and Food & Drink streamers: do you have a project or DIY format you’d be able to experiment with if you had a little bit of budget?
  • Content – Other: Podcasts, Travel & Outdoor, Just Chatting, and other non-gaming/non-creative streams have almost limitless opportunities. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life!
  • Devs – Extensions: Extensions offer a boost to the viewer experience and we’d love to help developers get the financial support needed to offer new or upgraded extensions to our creators and viewers.
  • Devs – Twitch-Integrated Games: Are you a game developer who wants to further integrate Twitch viewers and streamers into your game’s experience? We want to hear what you have planned and help make it happen!
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Unsplash: Caspar Camille Rubin

Twitch streamers can earn money by having their say.

Of course, many of these are pretty open, meaning that almost any idea you’ve got should be eligible for consideration. Make sure you read the rules to find out how to enter your idea.

So if you’re a part of the Twitch community and looking to make the platform even better, this might be your time to shine.

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