Twitch streamer threatened with police after getting locked in graveyard

A Twitch streamer’s trip to Italy turned into a nightmare after he accidentally got locked in a Milan graveyard.

IRL Twitch streams can produce some of the wildest content on the platform, with streamers exploring different parts of the world and inviting viewers to partake in their adventures.

This means that viewers can explore destinations without ever leaving the comfort of their own home, but for streamer DailyDasher, his IRL stream nearly turned into a Blair Witch Project style horror fiasco.

On August 17, the streamer was checking out a large cemetery in Milan at the recommendation of someone in his chat. After checking it out and returning to the entrance, he discovered the gate had been locked.

“Oh no,” the streamer sighed before guffawing, clearly perplexed at the idea of being locked in a graveyard.

Apparently, it was exactly 6:05 PM when the streamer tried to leave and the cemetery shouldn’t have been closed so early, which just further annoyed the streamer.

Quite some time later, once he wandered around trying to find a way out or some sort of exit, he finally came across three people at the locked gate from earlier.

After pressing some buttons by a machine to try to open the gate, a woman came up to him and started screaming.

“What are you doing?!” she exclaimed. “I call the police if you [inaudible]. You should have gone at six o’clock! Now you keep quiet!”

The streamer, however, had no plans on taking off his streaming equipment, which seemed to further enrage the woman, who identified herself as the cemetery director.

Things got even more heated when she tried to grab his camera, causing Dashy to snap.

“Whoa, don’t touch my stuff!” he cried. “You need to back up! Lady, stop talking to me, let’s go! Because you’re p**sing me off!”

Luckily, however, she managed to lead him to another exit that wasn’t locked and finally let the streamer escape from the cemetery in one piece.

This was easily one of the wildest IRL streams we’ve seen in a while, but thankfully, the situation didn’t escalate into Night of the Living Dead, because God forbid, the world needs more remakes.

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